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Crazy World, Uncertain Times

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Taking Control In Chaos

Crazy World/Uncertain Times. Taking Responsibility for your safety

As I write this piece, I find myself struggling with the title. What is it I want the reader to comprehend? What will make someone want to read further? While I believe that it is true, that we currently live in very uncertain times, a rapidly changing culture alone is not what’s alarming. So, what is it? I think it is the fact that what we are witnessing is leaving many people concerned and desperate. Once normal anticipated events are suddenly unpredictable. Given that, we must ask ourselves if we are prepared for protecting ourselves and our loved ones. I hope to evoke in you, the reader some potential thoughts to consider. But this is by and large a much bigger issue than can be addressed in the space I have. Afterall This is just a short article on personal responsibility regarding our own safety.

There are easily identified things that increase the risk of a personal attack. Things we are experiencing here in the valley. Things like population increase, demands for housing, jobs, financial resources. Virus restrictions, people wearing masks accepted as “normal”. General increase in everyday stressors. High risk encounters with strangers via the internet, Threats to our country by terrorists and extremists. We watch any news station and we find normally peaceful places being torn apart by anarchists who are unhappy with life as it is or simply interested in violently victimizing others. Today a simple drive can turn violent. A walk can become a life changing event.

We are also seeing an increase in gun sales. Many believe a gun is their ticket to safety. Although I am pro carry, I am also aware that few know how to keep their gun in play or know how to hang onto their weapon once its deployed. Or even when to deploy it. It’s not unusual to hear of a homeowner’s weapon used against them. This is in part because there often involves an empty hand component to the gun encounter. This is especially true when the attack comes at home such as in a home invasion.

If safety is a concern enough to purchase a weapon, then learning how to use it in all aspects must be just as important. This includes the empty hand component. Using our body as a weapon and knowing what really works and what are just long accepted myths. What targets to attack and how. Then adding a weapon such as a gun or knife will help to have a solid plan, knowing how and when to deploy it. The issue of distance as well as close quarter combat. On the street, violence happens in seconds, in homes it can last for hours.

Training in multiple aspects of certain martial arts is the only way to have a well-rounded and prepared response to the nature of violence and threats to our safety. Training must include competence in all ranges of combat; Kicking ( the furthest empty hand range) Boxing (the range a couple steps closer) The often neglected Trapping range (this is the closest and most lethal range) and the Ground range ( where many attacks end up, especially true for women) But training needs to be simple and enjoyable to continue to make the responses automatic.

Filipino Martial Arts offer skills in all these areas. This is especially true with the addition of Jeet Kune Do concepts. That is why it is the backbone of the arts we teach at Innovative Fighting Arts in Emmett. We specialize in close quarter encounters and are both empty hand and weapons based. Personal safety and security is your responsibility. Things happen too quickly for it not to be. If you are interested in classes, please call or text us at 208-963-2456 as we are preparing and taking reservations for another class group to start. Classes are limited to 10 people and once filled more cannot be added until there is an opening or more class times are offered.

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