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 Knife Fighting 

Hands on Weapons Including Stick and Knife Fighting

Innovative Fighting Arts is proud to offer lessons for both stick fighting and knife fighting. These two weapons styles may appear different on the surface, but they both connect a strong sense of discipline and an exciting way to build up your self reliance.

Stick fighting comes in many forms throughout culture and time. Every society has some version of combat using sticks, batons, a staff, or even umbrellas. The stick is a fundamentally ancient weapon that unites us throughout human history. While this might seem like a primitive weapon, it is anything but.

The stick fighting classes at Innovative Fighting Arts are perfect for people who want a practical self defense martial art as well as people who want to learn something with a little style. Stick fighting is great for people looking to add a simple and effective weapon style to their self defense knowledge. From umbrellas to walking canes, sticks are everywhere and unassuming which makes them the perfect tool for self defense.

Stick fighting also has an active and vibrant competitive scene for people who are looking to enter into both the tournament scene as well as the more performative side of stick fighting.

Innovative Fighting Arts also offers knife fighting classes.

Knives are some of the most dangerous weapons in our communities and learning to defend yourself against them should be a priority. Only in a knife fighting class can you learn how to safely counter and wield this dangerous weapon.

The combat experts at Innovative Fighting Arts know how to guide students from their first steps as beginners to higher levels of experience in a safe and welcoming manner. You’ll be able to build your experience handling these dangerous weapons under the trustworthy supervision of martial arts experts.

Get in touch with Innovative Fighting Arts today to learn more about their weapons classes.

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